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Marble Surface


Thank you for putting your trust in me to give you a tattoo! 

Wear the second skin bandage for 3-5 days. While you are wearing this bandage, the aftercare is pretty minimal since it's fully covered & protected. Showering is okay and doesn't affect the bandage, it will stay on. What to avoid while the bandage is on, DO NOT: sweat, s
weating is terrible for a fresh tattoo because it will push the ink out (not worth it) overall I would avoid any kind of sweating for 7 days for optimal healing. Also, do not soak in water like lakes, or pools with potential bacteria & harsh chemicals, doing so may increase your chance of infection. Do not get a spray tan for at least 2 weeks. Do not get intense sun exposure for 2 weeks. If your skin becomes irritated by this bandage, which can happen (redness, bumps, soreness, itchiness) take it off and text me for further direction. 

Directions on HOW TO REMOVE THE BANDAGE: peel it off slowly under warm water and then clean it with antibacterial soap. Please use ANTIBACTERIAL soap twice a day after you remove the second skin bandage (Dial Gold Antibacterial soap is the brand I recommend.) 

The tattoo will get scabby and a little dry a few days after the bandage is removed. During the dry/scabbing phase, it's important that you do not agitate the scab, so no itching, rubbing, scratching. To care for it during this period, I recommend using Vitamin E oil, coconut oil, an organic body oil, shea butter, coco butter, jojoba oil or castor oil to moisturize the tattoo. Apply a THIN layer up to 4 times a day (use your best judgement on how often to apply). Products I DO NOT recommend are Aquaphor, Vaseline or cheap lotions especially ones with added fragrance.

SEND ME A HEALED PIC PLEASEEEE :) in 1-2 months so I can see how the tattoo is healing! If we agree that a touch up is needed, touch ups are free UNLESS the tattoo is on your hand, fingers, behind the ear, or if it was done in red ink: these touch ups cost $80.

For LONG TERM CARE, apply sunscreen and any good quality moisturizer of your choice to preserve the freshness and longevity of your tattoo. Any further questions or comments, please reach out to Maddy via text or DM me directly @310artist
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